Alexander McDiarmid Design is a multi-disciplinary, full service design team creating "out of the box" design concepts and solutions. The British designer was quickly dubbed 'The L'Enfant Terrible of Yacht Design'  following his arrival on the world Superyacht stage as an independent designer in 2011. Celebrating the tenth year of the design studio in 2021 he is best known for his visionary, provocative and inspired rule-breaking concepts and projects.

Born 1978 in London, he is a recipient of both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Industrial Design and Automotive Design from the world-renowned Schools of Engineering and Art & Design at Coventry University, United Kingdom. With 20 years of international design experience working for international names and brands in the yacht, aviation and wider design worlds including naval architects Gilles Vaton, Philippe Briand and Tony Castro, the multi-disciplinary studios foundation draws on this untold wealth of design flare and creativity while bringing new and exciting ideas to the table. 
Our methodology involves listening, understanding and interpreting the client's design brief through deep, creative and lateral thinking. Always with an innovative approach, a strong emphasis on proportions, a refined sense of form and a fertile imagination.

Today located in the ancient spa city of Aix-en-Provence offering a continual source of inspiration with close proximity to Monaco. We look forward to meeting you, listening to your dreams and future product plans and how we can develop and realise these together.

"Beautiful designs"

Burgess Yachts - Discover the difference.


"Incredible design from an incredible designer"
"Truly spectacular"

Capt. Adrian McCourt MNM, Chairman, Watkins Superyachts Ltd, London

"...if we were to look back at the original concepts for yachts like The Maltese Falcon or A – yachts that pushed the bounds of superyacht design but were eventually built – they were outlandish and futuristic too."

Superyacht Design Magazine - The Superyacht Group, London


"Stunning and Spectacular" - Iwana 87m
"...experience in design that colours McDiarmid's approach and differentiates his projects from those of his naval architect colleagues"

Centurion Magazine - Yachting Special Best of 2012

"The culmination of design led projects is exemplified by designers such as Alex McDiarmid. ...really – see the stunning looking 100m 'Duel' ...dramatic hull and superstructure forms"

FRASER YACHTS The world’s leading, full-service yachting company and The Trusted Name in Yachting.

"The TWO50 is striking in her design and menacing in her looks. 
Add to that the red paint and you certainly have one amazing looking design."

Rich Lazzara, Yacht Designer & Editor of OceanOfNews

"...superyacht designer whose work is attracting worldwide attention. Iwana 87m and Conch 90m, both of which have been accepted as innovative concepts by the world of superyachts.”
"...they all really make you take a step back look on in awe and think."

Frances & Michael Howorth, Superyacht News, International