Along with our yacht and aviation design work we undertake Industrial Design projects including domestic products, kitchen appliances and transportation solutions. Offering a full Industrial Design service including user scenario analysis through to concept generation, idea development with 2D & 3D CAD work and prototype.

The 'First Lady'

A brand extension project for Ulysse Nardin, UN CELLS Ltd & Scientific Cellular Innovations.
A luxury smartphone concept and design incorporating a Swiss watch movement and crown giving higher autonomy by using micro generator technology. Taking inspiration from a most classical feminine form, the long A-line wrap around dress.
Hand built to order using the highest quality materials offering an endless choice of bespoke style and finish.
Our winning proposal for the women's version was a left brain / right brain (logic/creative) approach.
We developed female personae for the customer base, described their lifestyles, materials, colour tastes in jewellery, interior and restaurant design plus their approach to technology. Our user research revealed a need for discretion, for this show-off asset (jewellery) with on demand PA & secretarial services developed as part of the product offering to address a very particular HNWI lifestyle.

Train, Tram, Metro

Since 1998, various car and trailer concepts and projects for Alstom (Bombardier Transport and ANF Industrie) including SEC / Shanghai Electric Corporation, Shanghai Light Mass Transit Vehicle, Bucharest Metro, Melbourne Tram, Paris Metro Line 14, SNCF and RATP

Concept Design

Starting with a design brief, Preliminary Technical Specification and proposed Trainset Configuration

CMF Design

Both interior design and exterior styling including Color, Materials, Finish design

Bordeaux Tram

BORDEAUX / Avant Première / 1999
Competition finalist, exterior and interior design in collaboration with Alstom / BOMBARDIER

MV Agusta Motorcycles

Various brand extension projects for MV Agusta Motorcycles president, the late Sig. Claudio Castiglioni:

- Mountain & City electric bicycle range
- Resurrection of the CAGIVA motorcycle brand, the legendary 'Elefant'
- A Hypermotard

Cafetiere Espresso Machines

Technical Package

Clients: Ever Splendor Enterprises Co., Ltd. & Join-One Industrial Limited, Taipei, Taiwan

La Grande Arche

Taking inspiration from the landmark,
'La Grande Arche de la Défense' in Paris

Breville Group

3D blue foam and hard models presented to the OEM for rebranding with their international clients